Animated Cartoon Series Hosted On Instagram [Video]

Animated Cartoon Series Hosted On Instagram [Video]

Mass Appeal's Hectah Arias parodies famous rappers in under 15 seconds.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 february 2014

Street culture site Mass Appeal wants to take the title for the first animated series to appear on Instagram, which is why they have launched “What The Hec?,” a new digital series which focuses on pop culture and hip-hop trends. Drawn by Mass Appeal illustrator Hectah Arias, the series has already parodied rappers like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Rick Ross.

The new series makes use Instagram Video, and adds another channel of distribution alongside YouTube and Mass Appeal’s own website. It would appear to be a hit, based on the fact their Instagram account has seen a 107% increase in “likes” and a 3,552% increase in comments for top videos, according to VideoInk.

What makes the parody series so interesting is that while the length of each episode varies, they must all be less than 15 seconds long, in accordance with Instagram’s video length limit. Here’s one of the sketches for you to have a look at:

Mass Appeal

Source: VideoInk


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