What The World Would Be Like If Men Were Treated Like Women [Video]

What The World Would Be Like If Men Were Treated Like Women [Video]
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A French short by Eleonore Pourriat has gone viral after exposing everyday gender struggles through reversed perspectives.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 19 february 2014

The short description on YouTube says it all:

On what seems to be just another ordinary day, a man is exposed to sexism and sexual violence in a society ruled by women.

Director Eleonore Pourriat’s newest short film, “Oppressed Majority,” takes a look at the daily sexism and prejudice faced by women by flipping the lens and giving them the position of power. In the short, Pourriat follows a househusband as he goes about his day in Paris. As he does, the viewer slowly realizes that the women have assumed the role typically taken by men in society.

Oppressed Majority coffee

Moving swiftly through the protagonist’s day, the film sees him encounter increasingly hostile situations. He is forced to deal with street heckling, sexual assault (both verbal and physical), and prejudice, including a relationship with his wife in which he seemingly has no real control.

In an interview with The Guardian, Pourriat says the inspiration for the film came from a personal experience.

I was a woman. I was 30 years old. And my husband didn’t believe that I was – I was not assaulted, but I got remarked on in the street. Very often. He said, ‘Wow. That’s incredible.’ His surprise was the beginning of the idea for me. Sometimes men – it’s not their fault – they don’t imagine that women are assaulted even with words every day, with small, slight words. They can’t imagine that because they are not confronted with that themselves.

In less than two full weeks on YouTube, the 11-minute video has already received nearly 7 million views. While the film surely is not meant to denigrate all men, it does help draw attention to a prevailing issue that everyone – men and women – can work harder to fix. It’s hard to watch the video below and not be moved to make a change. (Some content may be NSFW)

Sources: It’s Nice That, YouTube, The Guardian 

Images: YouTube

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