Marketplace Allows Neighbors To Monetize Their Home Cooked Meals

Marketplace Allows Neighbors To Monetize Their Home Cooked Meals
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Food sharing site Eatro enables people to find homemade meals prepared by their neighbors, in order to put an end to expensive and bland takeout options.

Daniela Walker
  • 11 february 2014

The sharing economy is no longer a fad, but a way of life with Airbnb set to become the biggest hotelier in the world and Zipcar affecting the number of car sales. Now, in a small flat in East London, twenty-somethings Bar Segal, Daniel Kaplansky, and Zifeng Wei how to cash in on the movement, launching Eatro, a marketplace for homemade cooking.


The trio, who are roommates – literally, they share a bed and let the other rooms on Airbnb – were bored of the lack of variety in take-out options and were inspired by the old age food sharing practices in small communities. Segal told Fast Co.Exist:

We tried the home cooking thing, but we were three young guys and it was apparent the smells from our neighbors were better than our cooking. Zifeng mentioned a French documentary about grandmothers putting up notices on bulletin boards for their home-cooked meals. Daniel mentioned the same happens in Israel. That was what sparked the idea to bring it all online.

Eatro allows any home chef to sign up to the website and offer their home cooked meal for a set price (around £5-£7), with Eatro taking 12%. While we have seen other companies offering home cooked meals to strangers – see Mealku, a leftovers delivery service – Eatro works on the premise that the customer is looking for local food, therefore there is no delivery, only time slots when the cook says their food is available to be picked up. In that way, Eatro is more about community, allowing diners to meet the chefs making their food, leave reviews and possibly come back for more.


Source/Images: Fast Co.Exist


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