Motion-Sensing Light Adjusts To Human Activity [Video]

Motion-Sensing Light Adjusts To Human Activity [Video]
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Thibaut Sld's interactive pendant lamp presents dynamic patterns in response to nearby movement.

Serena Chu
  • 26 february 2014

Thibault Sld is a designer famous for his human-responsive designs. His latest project is a lamp that changes its brightness and height to better accommodate a person’s presence. The S1 uses built-in sensors to respond to nearby activity and sudden movements, and controls the elevation of each end with two ceiling mounted winches.

Enclosed in a polyurethane shell, this modern home addition is held in place by hanging power cables, which also provide the necessary electricity needed to power its automated lighting reactions. The dimmable LED strips attached to proximity sensors can give a global lighting or a concentrated beam.


The designer finds that combining multiple units also allows to generate preprogrammed dynamic patterns, like the ones displayed in the video below, check it out.

S1 Light

Source: Designboom


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