Multifunctional Household Object Defies Traditional Design Principles [Photos]

Multifunctional Household Object Defies Traditional Design Principles [Photos]
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A South Korean maker has created what is possibly the world's most versatile home accessory.

Rachel Pincus
  • 27 february 2014

If you look at the vast majority of interior design objects, especially anything designed for the entry-level consumer, there is a common quality that many of them have that often goes unnoticed: they’re all square or rectangular. This may make them easier to fit into shipping containers and tight corners, but it’s also an anesthetic to the imagination, and not really a necessary need for many smaller objects. Germany-based South Korean designer Dahm Lee finally realized this and decided to design an object that toyed with the conventions of household geometry. She may have started out thinking about form instead of function, but her final result, the Quadrat Multifunctional Object, is more functional than anything of its size that’s fits into more traditional shape and is made of basic materials.

The Quadrat resembles a cross between a pentagon, a hexagon, and a tetragon and its uses are manifold. Some of the suggestions include a wine glass, a towel rack, a bookshelf, and a lampshade, but its “graphical” form is meant to inspire, and the difference between each individual handmade item only widens the possibilities. The rubber straps that entwine its steel bars, an element the Quadrat has in common with Lee’s more ordinarily-shaped prior work, are perfect for lending structure to all sorts of stored items that don’t usually cooperate well with rectangular storage space, such as clothes. The effort to make the object look interesting in two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional space, according to Lee, was part of an effort to question the “routine standardizations” of rectangular objects in our lives. The elegance of the Quadrat speaks to the power of this out-of-the-box thinking. Check out some of its possible variations and uses in the gallery below.

Dahm Lee

Images and Sources: Fast Company, Moco Loco

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