Fungi Lamps Produce Mushrooms Good Enough To Eat [Pics]

Fungi Lamps Produce Mushrooms Good Enough To Eat [Pics]
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The MYX lamp shade is actually an intricate matrix of mycelium roots.

Serena Chu
  • 27 february 2014

Designer Jonas Edvard used plant fibre and mushroom mycelium to create a series of biodegradable lamps, called the MYX. This textile project explores the trend of using biological materials for functional art, similar to past mycelium creations like the 3D-printed fungus chair by Eric Klarenbeek.

The MYX light fixtures grow mushrooms that can be harvested for consumption, and create a optimized end-waste product suitable for molding. The leftover material is actually a matrix of mycelium roots, extremely lightweight and 100% compostable.  Edvard took 2-3 weeks to grow his project into shape, and made sure the mushrooms were kept in a low light, medium heat and high moisturize atmosphere, strict conditions essential for healthy, nutritious fungi development.

Click through the photos below to see the Edvard ingenious creation.


Source: The Method Case

Images: Jonas Edvard


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