Band Releases New Track As A Playable Video Game Level [Pics]

Band Releases New Track As A Playable Video Game Level [Pics]

Archie Pelago give fans a chance to explore the worlds they create with music.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 february 2014

Many mainstream songs may not be that intellectually stimulating, but music often comes complete with a story or set of emotions that it’s trying to express. For the latest track off their new album, Brooklyn-based trio Archie Pelago have given life to their music in the form of an interactive video game level that you can explore in your own good time.


Developed by band member and cellist Cosmo D, the experience was created with the Unity game engine, with music composed in Ableton and the graphics and 3D-modeling made in Blender3d, Pixelmator, and Sketchup.

The inspiration for the game came from the Dream House, La Monte Young’s electronic art installation housed in a Tribeca apartment space. People are encouraged to move around the loft, where a powerful drone’s sound changes depending on where the visitors move around in the space.

“I wanted my ‘level’ to function similarly with the song ‘Saturn V,'” explains Cosmo. “As you move around the space, elements of the song change and shift.”


Archie Pelago’s virtual world doesn’t just offer an innovative way to discover the new sounds; the game level also gives their fans insight into the band members’ interests and personalities.

“I hope fans can get a deeper understanding of who Archie is as a band, who we are as individuals through the various objects, furniture, murals and overall ‘vibe’ of the level,” Cosmo tells PSFK. “At the same time, I want listeners to engage with the song ‘Saturn V,’ actively picking up sonic nuances of the piece through exploration and discovery.


We’ve seen music videos that are video game movies, but it’s interesting to see one that actually allows you to interact as well. If you use a Mac, you can download the level here, PC users can go here, and if you want to try it out in your browser, then this is the place for you.

And if you’re in NYC, catch Archie Pelago at Bizarre on March 15th.

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