Nokia Dress Made Entirely Of Phones Features Responsive Video

Nokia Dress Made Entirely Of Phones Features Responsive Video

Fyodor Golan creates a wearable tech piece for London Fashion Week.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 february 2014

Smartphones could be considered a fashion accessory by many, but what happens when they become the main focus of your outfit? Fashion duo Fyodor Golan decided to pair up with Nokia to try and find out. The result, which was created by Kin, is a skirt comprised from 70 screens that switch between static images and live video feeds to mimic its surroundings.

The designers were inspired by a backpacking trip in Myanmar and Cambodia, during which they saw a similar tile effect. To ensure the skirt looks like it’s in constant motion, an app synchronizes the pre-loaded images with the movements of the model wearing the outfit.


From start to finish, it took three months to complete the design, and as revealed by Matt Wade of Kin Design to, “The biggest challenge by far was finding a way to work synchronously with different technologies and processes in a really tight timeline.” Based on the creative challenges this project posed, Fyodor Golan plan to work with Nokia again for the spring/summer shows of 2015.


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