Rogue Subway Signs Point To The Most Efficient Transfer Points

Rogue Subway Signs Point To The Most Efficient Transfer Points

EPP offers NYC subway riders the simplest way to navigate the system.

Serena Chu
  • 12 february 2014

Not everyone can call themselves a master of NYC’s subway system, but hopefully with some friendly tips from the Efficient Passenger Project, more people can effectively navigate the underground lines.

Signs put up by the The Efficient Passenger Project suggest the best place to board a train based on where they will be getting off, to help people locate their transfers or exits in a timely manner. Anonymous samaritans have been placing “Efficient Passenger Project” throughout the subway system, with a heavy emphasis on the L Line. Project leaders have indicated on their website that other train lines are currently in development, proportional to demand.

Though this service is meant to benefit the majority of subway riders, the MTA has vowed to remove the unauthorized signs due to safety hazards that can result from overcrowding in certain areas. The MTA is also worried that the signs will create uneven loading which can be problematic in that some train cars will be overcrowded while others will be under-utilized.

In the meantime, if you ever come across one of this signs on the L Line, be sure to take advantage of this civil service.


Source, image: gothamist


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