Oculus Rift Experience Lets Rugby Fans Train With England’s Team [Video]

Oculus Rift Experience Lets Rugby Fans Train With England’s Team [Video]

The virtual reality experience finds its way onto England's rugby fields.

Serena Chu
  • 10 february 2014

Rugby is a competitive sport that requires players to be fearless and relentless, something not for everyone. But for people who are keen to be a part of the high adrenaline action, O2’s recent announcement of a virtual reality sports experience will be sure to light the fire.

“Wear the Rose” is a fully immersive 360-degree digital sports experience that’s new to the world. Powered by Oculus Rift technology, this high-tech headpiece will allow the wearer to feel as though he is a member of the the Senior England Rugby Team, participating in on-field drills or getting tackled by a teammate. The multi-sensory take-over is created using nine GoPro Cameras, which combines over 160 hours video footage.

Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2 comments:

We love discovering new ways of using technology to deliver exciting experiences for our customers, and what better way to bring England Rugby fans closer to the action than ‘Wear the Rose’ from O2.

“Wear the Rose” offers fans a new way to view sports events, and also demonstrates how technology can enrich people’s experiences in interesting and exciting ways.

For a closer look at the technology, check out the teaser video below.

“Wear the Rose”

Image: T3

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