18th Century Paintings Of London Overlaid In Their Modern Settings [Pics]

18th Century Paintings Of London Overlaid In Their Modern Settings [Pics]

100 years of change and development depicted in series of photoshopped images

Ross Brooks
  • 25 february 2014

It’s always interesting to see how much your city has changed over the past few years, but what happens when you want to look back even further? Shystone, a London-based redditor, decided to superimpose a series of 18th and 19th century paintings over modern day street scenes to see just how different the two were.

There are a variety of locations from around the city, such as St. Martin’s in the Fields, a site where there’s been a church for at least 800 years, and you can catch locals practicing Tai Chi in the right weather. Another is Covent Garden Market, which was one of the first open piaza of its type built in London around the 1660s – as well as a well known red light district at the time it was painted.


Modern day images were taken from Google Street View, and while much has changed over the past few hundred years, it’s also surprising to see how much architecture from that period has survived. A testament to the history that is often overlooked by many locals, yet remains scattered throughout the city.


Source: LaughingSquid


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