App Turns Old Phones Into Connected Baby Monitors [Video]

App Turns Old Phones Into Connected Baby Monitors [Video]

Dormi transforms any old Android phone or tablet into a system of parental tools.

Daniela Walker
  • 24 february 2014

When you have your first child, there are a lot of expensive things that you will need to buy, which will be essential for a few years at most before becoming completely obsolete – until the next baby. Dormi helps parents out by allowing them to save money and be more eco-friendly, turning any old Android device into a baby monitor.

Dormi is an app that can be installed on an Android tablet or phone, as long it is running Gingerbread  3.2 or higher. For parents who have upgraded their phones, they can place the old phone in their child’s room, where the app will act as a baby monitor, picking up on audio and sending information to an accompanying app on the parents’ new phone. The app harnesses the phone’s audio sensors to pick up on ambient sounds and can be used to alert the parent as to when their baby awakes.

Both baby monitors and old cell phones tend to end up in the technological landfill at one point – Dormi is a solution that prevents buying new devices that will only be used for the short term and breathes new life into old tech.

See Dormi’s introduction video below:


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