E-Book Recreates Jack Kerouac’s On The Road With Google Driving Directions

E-Book Recreates Jack Kerouac’s On The Road With Google Driving Directions

German student makes it easy to follow in the footsteps of Sal Paradise.

Ross Brooks
  • 11 february 2014

Most people who have read Jack Kerouac’s 1957 classic On the Road, are more than happy to follow Sal Paradise on his epic adventure using nothing more than their own imagination. The slightly more ambitious have created maps of the iconic journey, but none have done so with Google Maps, at least not until German college student Gregor Weichbrodt decided to take on that challenge.

Weichbrodt started with a short computer code that would allow him to enter a series of different routes into Google’s online map service, after which he compiled everything as an eBook called On the Road for 17,527 Miles. The print-on-demand title is also available as a hardcopy via Lulu for those who might want to take a copy with them as they recreate the journey.

The book is 45 pages long and contains nothing but directions, which you can read for free right here. Each set of directions has been matched up to those in the book chapter by chapter, which makes for an interesting comparison if you happen to have read the book.

While Kerouac fans are likely to be overjoyed with this particular book, Weichbrodt admitted an interesting fact to PRI. “I’m not really a fan of Jack Kerouac, I have to admit,” he said. “I don’t even … I haven’t read the whole book.”

Source: PRI

Image: Flickr

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