Platform Streams Text For Hyper-Fast Reading

Platform Streams Text For Hyper-Fast Reading

Speed-reading techniques applied to online communication for improved efficiency.

Ross Brooks
  • 19 february 2014

For anyone who is familiar with speed reading techniques, you will know that they are based on jumping from one point to another throughout a piece of text. This allows us to absorb a lot more information than if we moved from one word to another, which could be defined as the “conventional” way of reading. Spritz is a new platform that integrates these principles, and in the process changes the way we absorb new textual information.


Spritz is a Boston-based start-up comprised of an international team of experts in reading methodologies and software engineering. They are focused on text streaming technology and how it can be used to improve modern communication within operating systems, applications, wearables, websites, and more.


The patent-pending technology not only allows for faster reading, but it’s also easier to integrate into much smaller devices, as well as digital assets that don’t have much room to spare, such as photos, maps and videos.


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