Open-Source, Digital Condom Shocks Wearer For Added Pleasure [Video]

Open-Source, Digital Condom Shocks Wearer For Added Pleasure [Video]

The Electric Eel delivers electrical impulses to heighten sensations.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 february 2014

The Electric Eel is a prototype open-source digital condom that is designed to enhance sexual pleasure through electrical impulses delivered via electrodes attached along the underside of the shaft.

The device is made with a conductive fabric and a Lilypad micro-controller. The digital condom creates electrical impulses to mimic the pleasurable sensations that are dulled by traditional condoms. The amount of electricity applied by the device is minimal and the it has been tested by the design team for safety and effectiveness.


The device was developed by Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech and creators of Comingle, a new enterprise dedicated to developing DIY open-source sex technology.

The team launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for their enterprise.

Watch the video below for more about the digital condom.

Digital Condom

Source: Motherboard

Images: Digital Condom


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