Could WiFi Launched In Outer Space Provide Global Internet Access?

Could WiFi Launched In Outer Space Provide Global Internet Access?

Miniature satellites utilize UDP-based multicasting over WIFI to relay data in a more secure and direct way.

Serena Chu
  • 3 february 2014

An unrestricted, globally accessible cyberspace that’s available to everyone on Earth for free may seem too good to be true, but believe it or not, it is actually what the Outernet project is keen to accomplish. By building an intricate network of miniature satellites in Low Earth Orbit, Outernet leverages datacasting technology to deliver secure and universally-accessible information to people in both developed and developing nations.

Powered by UDP-based multicasting over WiFi, the entire constellation is able to meet the global usage demand by communicating directly with consumer handsets and tables. Ground stations process and transmit data to each satellite, which loops content in a continuous cycle until new ones are received.

This WiFI-based global media delivery platform will stay current with web content. It will also offer a humanitarian notification system for emergencies and a two-way Internet-access for individuals and organizations during times of natural disasters or when information is blocked by man-made restrictions.

Should testing go as planned, deployment of Outernet could take place sometime in June 2015.

To see how people are responding to this Outer Space Wifi world, visit the Outernet Reddit thread here. And to find out more information about the project, visit their home page here.


Images: Flickr


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