Digital Platform Creates A Virtual Log For Personal Belongings

Digital Platform Creates A Virtual Log For Personal Belongings

Swiss app Qipp allows users to log their personal belongings online so they can the most value from their favorite stuff.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 february 2014

With all the high-tech gadgets among our worldly possessions, it can be difficult keeping up with warranty information on your smartphone or remember which friend borrowed your favorite movie. Your most-prized belongings can have an online life all their own while helping you keep them organized, thanks to Qipp, a new Swiss app.

The service keeps an online record of all your favorite real-life things. You can add information to their pages, like reminders or warranty expiration dates. The program will also offer suggestion on what accessories could go well with the logged item, like scarves and gloves for coats or keyboards and headphones for tablets. Users can make specific items public and allow friends to borrow or rent the item, allowing the owners to keep better track of who has their items. The app has several other functions, such as calculating the resale value of the object and a lost-and-found tagging feature.

While it may seem odd to give your favorite stuff online identities, Stefan Zanetti, the company’s CEO, believes that the service will allow a more developed conversation between customers and creators:

The user gets a more intelligent bicycle and the manufacturer gets to learn more about their customers. At the moment, manufacturers produce great products but they lose contact with customers after that.

The service is not currently available in the English-language app stores, though with its increasing popularity in Switzerland, it may be arriving to a smart device near you sooner rather than later.


Source: Qipp, Fast Company

Image: Fast Company

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