Projection System Lets People Play Instruments Made Of Light [Video]

Projection System Lets People Play Instruments Made Of Light [Video]
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"Contact" turns any hard surface into a responsive interface using digital projections.

Serena Chu
  • 21 february 2014

Creative artist Felix Faire designed a system of touch acoustics that turns any hard surface into a harmonic instrument. Currently a part of the “Sensing Spaces” event held at the Royal Academy in London, Contact translates recognized impulses into melodic notes using contact microphones, passive sonar and waveform analysis.


Sounds picked up by the contact microphones are digitally “resonated” in audio form, which can be recorded and played back with a custom built loop pedal that is connected to Processing via an Arduino uploaded with firmata. The mics process frequency information in Ableton Live and Max/MSP, and volume adjustments are mapped to X&Y.

The system is sensitive enough to recognize where the plane has been touched and how the hand made contact with it, allowing people to create electronic tracks with simple gestures under projected visuals. Felix’s adapted research project is a demonstration of how arbitrary impulses and vibrations can give way to a unique live audio visual performance instruments.

You can enjoy the acoustic impulse performance in the videos below.

Felix Faire

Source: Creative Applications


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