RFID Bike Alarm Scares Away Potential Thieves [Video]

RFID Bike Alarm Scares Away Potential Thieves [Video]
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Dennis Seigel's new design uses radio-frequencies to ward off threats.

Serena Chu
  • 18 february 2014

German designer Dennis Siegel’s newest piece is a motion-detecting bike alarm that is meant to be attached to the back of the bike seat, expanding the protection that a traditional bike lock gives. When triggered, the RFID Bikealarm will set off a loud 120db siren, drawing unwarranted attention to the thief.


Because of its internal micro controller, the device can easily distinguish between theft and harmless vibrations, which can come from passing trams or regular pedestrian traffic. Changes in air acceleration are picked up by movement sensors.

To active or deactivate the alarm system, users simply need to position the radio-frequency identification tag as close to the security enclosure as possible.

The RFID is powered by a rechargeable internal battery, and requires only a few components to function, making it a helpful addition for any cyclist.

Check out the useful bike add-on in the video below.

RFID Bikealarm

Source, Images: Designboom

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