Why the next generation of wearables are putting fashion first.

As wearables get more and more popular, we've seen attempts to make them more fashionable. Now there is a startup that wants to make them more suitable for women, in the form of a ring uses vibration and flashing lights to alert its wearer about incoming texts or calls. Ringly wants to create something that customers would buy even if it came equipped with zero functionality.

Wearable tech that can be considered fashionable doesn't come cheap; it's taken months of research and $1 million in funding for Ringly to come this far. Co-founder and CEO of the company, Christina Mercando, decided on gold-plated brass bands with stones for the first run of the fashion accessory. If you're concerned about the tech side of things, know that the ring is equipped with an accelerometer, Bluetooth LE, a motor, and tiny LEDs – so it will still do the job it's designed for.

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