Russian KFCs Set Up Film Studios For Customer-Created Commercials [Video]

Russian KFCs Set Up Film Studios For Customer-Created Commercials [Video]

The chicken-serving fast food chain places mini studios so customers can make their own ads for a new product.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 3 february 2014

Commercials take a lot of money to produce, what with hiring actors, the days of taping to get it just right, spending hours editing the footage in the hopes that it will convince people to buy a product. Instead, a Russian KFC is taking a different approach to creating an advertisement by asking real customers to make their own.

KFC restaurants in the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow will come with their own MovieMatic machine, which encourages customers to create their own ads for the new Bacon iTwister wrap. Set up by Stockholm-based studio Perfect Fools, the machine prompts the customers to complete a series of scenes. First, they are asked to take a bite of the wrap, then have an inspired reaction, and finally to start dancing with joy. The video is then uploaded onto YouTube, and the customer receives a receipt with the URL to watch their video.

The MovieMatic is no generic photobooth. The machine comes with professional lights and cameras, WiFi router, and  a computer with additional storage for all the files. The MovieMatic will be available for two weeks in Moscow starting January 29 and for two weeks in St Petersburg starting on February 19. After all the videos are uploaded, a panel of judges will select the winning video which will air on Russian TV on March 31. While it’s not the first of its kind to get customers to make their own commercials, it is certainly the first to set up a studio right in the restaurant.

Source: LBBOnlinePerfect Fools

Image: Perfect Fools

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