Gift Economy App Lets People Sell Their Spots In Line

Gift Economy App Lets People Sell Their Spots In Line

Shout is a new mobile app that lets people place an offer on other's restaurant reservations, tickets and more.

Daniela Walker
  • 19 february 2014


Standing in line can be a drag – whether it be for dining at a no-reservation restaurant or at a secret gig by Prince. But now a new app is making standing in line less boring and more business, monetizing the idea of saving a spot for someone.

Shout allows people to either request or post a ‘spot’ for sale – both physical spots in line and virtual spots for those things that have been bought in advance, like reservations and tickets. Offerings that currently live on the app range from $30 for standing in line for a Cronut to $250 to get for waiting in the ticket line for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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The idea of Shout is to encouraging the sharing economy, by fostering spontaneous exchanges between people. The founders explained on Medium:

As a community, we should be able to pool our resources. We are striving to create an environment, a marketplace, where two people can trade seamlessly at a moment’s notice. Each shout may or may not be satisfied; yet, it is our hope that by creating a mechanism for people to connect with those around them, spontaneous and extraordinary exchanges can occur.

Shout allows people to make ‘off menu’ requests, for specific spots they’d like fulfilled that may not be on offer. The app allows busy people to find ways to get what they want, and offer others the opportunity to share what they have and may no longer want.

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Source: CrunchBase

Header Image: Cronut Line via Zoe’s Fashion Feed

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