Platform Adds Siri-Style Interface To Any App Or Wearable Device

Platform Adds Siri-Style Interface To Any App Or Wearable Device

Wit enables developers to add natural user language interface to mobile apps and devices.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 february 2014

Many users these days like having a hands-free interface or fewer and simpler steps to manage their mobile devices. Wit allows developers to add natural language interface to systems like mobile apps, wearable devices, or robots.

Wit turns spoken words into structured information and let users just say or type what they want their apps or devices to perform.

According to the documentation, Wit makes it easy for developers to add a natural language interface by allowing them to focus on what type of features they want in their apps and devices, and not worry anymore about natural language processing algorithms, configuration data, performance and tuning — all of which are already encapsulated by Wit.

Developers can interact with Wit via a web console or through an API that accepts raw user input and sends back structured information.

Wit is free for open data projects–meaning, it’s free as long as the community can reuse the developer’s intents and expressions. The starter package, which includes 1,000 queries per day, is $9 per month. The basic package for 25,000 queries per day is $499 per month. The pro package for 100,000 queries per day is $1499 per month.




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