Turn Hand-Drawn Sketches Into Polished Presentations On A Tablet [Video]

Turn Hand-Drawn Sketches Into Polished Presentations On A Tablet [Video]

SketchDeck is a service that turns slides you sketch on your tablet into professional-level presentations in 24 hours.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 february 2014

In a world where many offices have gone mobile, smart devices are the easiest ways to keep up with one’s workload from checkpoint to checkpoint. While many apps offer word processing and spreadsheet making, creating presentations is often much more difficult on a tablet. SketchDeck, a new UK and U.S. based service, can create a professional slideshow with just a few sketches.

The service allows users to draw slides on their tablet using an app. Once the sketched slides are completed, the user send them directly to the company. From there, designers in either the London or California offices will turn the slides from sketches into polished pieces ready for presenting in less than 24 hours. The service costs $5 or £3 per slide and the fee is refunded if the slides are not up to par.

While this service is incredibly useful for people on the go, the time limitation could cause issues if the service receives too many requests. There also seem to be little user input concerning the colors, style, and fonts used in the completed slide. Still, if you’re constantly on the go, this app could be the mobile office solution of your dreams.


Source, Image: SketchDeck

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