This Handgun Could Reduce Accidental Shootings

This Handgun Could Reduce Accidental Shootings

Multi-billion dollar opportunity now exists to create the first successful smart gun on the market.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 february 2014

If you happen to be a gun owner, then it’s unlikely you have ever considered what accessory to wear with your deadly weapon, but for the sake of safety you might want to consider it. The Armatix iP1 is the country’s first smart gun, and comes complete with a black waterproof watch that must remain in close proximity for the gun to fire. That means if it falls into the wrong hands, it becomes nothing more than a very effective tool for intimidation – unless you know about smart guns of course.

While some gun rights advocates have already asked what happens if the technology fails just when a gun is needed most, there are also those who say it could “revolutionize the gun industry.” It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities, especially if you’ve seen some of the concepts that crop up in movies from time to time. What’s more is that smart guns could be the next multi-billion dollar opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Ron Conway, a Silicon Valley heavyweight who was involved in Google and Facebook, launched a $1 million X Prize-like contest for smart-gun technology last month. Talking about the “iPhone of guns,” he also added that “The entrepreneur who does this right could be the Mark Zuckerberg of guns. Then the venture capitalists like me will dive in, give them capital, and we will build a multibillion-dollar gun company that makes safe, smart guns.”

There are plenty of intriguing ideas about how to implement the technology, including various wearables, RFID tags, and electronic markers, but what form the final product will take is anyone’s guess. To find out more about various opinions around the issue, be sure to read the full Washington Post article here.


American propensity towards gun ownership might be a nearly-impossible habit to break, but if the right technology can be used to remove any associated risks, then there might be hope yet for a country where gun crime is one of the issues lowest on people’s radars.


Source: Washington Post

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