Running Jacket Lights Up To Provide Real-Time Exercise Feedback [Video]

Running Jacket Lights Up To Provide Real-Time Exercise Feedback [Video]
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Smart fitness jacket helps runner stay at pace with their workout.

Serena Chu
  • 28 february 2014

Wearable technology has made it easier for people to track their body metrics and workout process without carrying extra gadgets, and now the Glowfaster Jacket is looking to add an intuitive motivation feature into the mix, similar to what the OMSignal fitness-tracking shirt has been doing.

This jacket was specifically designed for runners who want to receive performance feedback as they go about their nightly workouts. For easy readings, the jacket lights up to show the wearer if they are training at their peak, and syncs biomakers directly to the paired mobile device via Bluetooth. Lights are installed down the jacket’s front and sleeves, helping runners be safe on the road when lighting is not favorable.


There is a heart rate monitor that straps around the torso that directs information to a “Gizmo” connector, which processes and controls the lights on the jacket. With the app, wearers can gather GPS data, link music, and set a personal running pace.

Currently on seeking crowdfunds on Kickstarter, The Glowfaster is expected for shipment in July. If you would like to one of the few early people to get their hands on this mobile integrated jacket, you can find out more information about the campaign here.

You can also learn more about Glowfaster by watching its campaign video below.



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