Smartwatch For Kids Introduces Wearable Tech At An Early Age

Smartwatch For Kids Introduces Wearable Tech At An Early Age

VTech’s KidiZoom Smart Watch brings video, photo, and gaming capabilities to digital time devices for children.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 20 february 2014

The 2014 International Toy Fair saw the launch of the “world’s first smartwatch for kids.”

While it doesn’t actually have the necessary capabilities to connect to the Internet like a true smart device, the VTech KidiZoom Smart Watch has many other features that mimic those found on what would be considered an adult’s smartwatch.

The KidiZoom Smart Watch boasts a 1.4-inch touchscreen that incorporates built-in motion sensors and digital tools alongside traditional timekeeping. The watch itself can switch from a digital to analog clock, with customizable wallpaper behind it, and also has the ability to support taking photos, videos, and playing games.

To make the introduction of wearable technology to children easier, the device is as simple and intuitive as possible – having only two buttons. One button is for returning to the home screen, while the other is for taking video and photos.

KidiZoom buttons

The device, expected to be available in the fall of 2014, will cost around $50 and is being designed to be accessible to children as young as 3 years old. Initially, the device will be offered in blue and pink, with plans to expand style options later on. The KidiZoom Smart Watch also has a built-in memory card, USB port for transferring media to a computer, rechargeable battery, timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, a voice recorder with distortion filters, and integrated games. It’s unclear the current storage capacity of the device, but it is slated to have special features for photos and video at the very least.


Durable and lightweight enough to withstand the abuse of being dropped and bumped, the KidiZoom Smart Watch is the latest attempt by a known children’s technology company – already with a tablet designed for kids as young as a year old – to expand the market. Perhaps this is VTech’s attempt to “gain brand loyalty early,” securing a future advantage over the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch or the Apple iWatch. But then again, by the time these kids would be interested in more advanced products like an iWatch we may not even be using watches.


Sources: Daily Mail UK, Mashable

Images: Mashable

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