Smartphone Case Shoots Puffs Of Smoke For Incognito Communication

Smartphone Case Shoots Puffs Of Smoke For Incognito Communication

The Smoke Messaging Service could become a secure communication protocol.

Serena Chu
  • 10 february 2014

Voice messaging has become an honorable smartphone feature, but Dennis de Bel has a promising development that could add a modern twist to Morse Code. His Smoke Messaging Service (SMS) project is an iPhone add-on that will release puffs of smoke to communicate securely with others.

The smoke is made from heated and vaporized lamp-oil. Because the spout is right in front of the camera, smoke signals could potentially be captured by the camera and translated in real-time.

Though only a prototype, this iPhone cover allows two people, far or near, to speak to each other using previously programmed protocols. Users can assign their own language – three puffs for “hello” or 5 puffs for “hello, I’m coming home later. But because SMS requires two people to agree upon a common code, it may be difficult to manage multiple smoke conversations, something De Bel hopes to soon clear up.

The video below is a visual demonstration of SMS, check it out.

Dennis De Bel

Source, Image: Motherboard

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