Subscription Service Sends Monthly Dates In A Box

Subscription Service Sends Monthly Dates In A Box

Unbox Love provides you with creative ways to keep your relationship strong.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 february 2014

Date nights can be a great way to put some excitement back into relationships, but there is still the problem of figuring out the perfect thing to do with your significant other. Unbox Love could be just what you need, creative date ideas delivered to your doorstop every month that were chosen after months of research into some of the happiest couples around the United States.

Nate Bagley, along with his co-host Melissa Kong, spoke to a wide range of couples at different points in their respective relationships to try and uncover what makes some couples happier than others. The result was that while many couples may indeed be in love, they just don’t make enough of an effort. As Bagley puts it: “They don’t make the effort, they don’t have the time to be creative and actually spend meaningful time together.”


Unbox Love will launch in March, and aims to serve up everything you might need to make the most of an intimate evening together. If the service happens to bring your relationship back from the brink, you’ll be glad to hear that every month there will be a new set of ideas for you to put into practice.

One thing should be made clear, the service isn’t about gimmicks and passing fancies, but rather building a stronger connection with your partner, and spending more time together:

We’re trying to rekindle the type of creativity and connection that people had when they first started dating,” Bagley said. “We really want to see relationships flourish and grow. I wouldn’t put anything in a box that I wouldn’t want to do with my significant other.

Source: KSL

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