Could Sun-Reflecting Mirrors Replace The Light Bulb? [Video]

Could Sun-Reflecting Mirrors Replace The Light Bulb? [Video]

Sun Sill by Lucy Norman are round mirrors that direct sunlight into dark rooms.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 february 2014

Created by British designer Lucy Norman, the Sun Sill consists of a series of round mirrors that are mounted on windowsills to catch and direct sunlight into dark areas of a room.

The Sun Sill mirrors are controlled by an accompanying app that can track the user’s location and determine the best position for the mirrors to catch the most sunlight.


According to the designer, the installation can save on energy costs that come with lighting systems and can bring in more light than a standard bulb even on cloudy days. The Sun Sill could potentially replace light bulb use during the day.

The project brings to mind a similar initiative that’s on a much larger scale — the Solspiel or sun mirror project in Rjukan, Norway. The Spolspiel consists of giant computer-controlled mirrors that direct sunlight into the town center of Rjukan, which is hidden from direct sunlight by mountains.

Sun Sill will be shown at the Forces of Nature exhibition from March 13 to April 28 at 19 greek street in London.

View more images of the project below.

Watch a demo of the Sun Sill below.

Lula Dot

Source: Treehugger, Moco

Images: Lula Dot

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