Tate Gallery Unleashes Night Robots To Livestream Art

Tate Gallery Unleashes Night Robots To Livestream Art

Art lovers will be able to view the gallery's art pieces at night via remote-controlled robots.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 february 2014

London art gallery Tate Britain, in partnership with design studio The Workers, will soon be giving art enthusiasts a chance to access the gallery at night via a team of remote-controlled robots that will roam the gallery at night and livestream the art pieces.

Art enthusiasts can skip the crowds of gallery visitors during the day and book a time slot for them to access the art gallery at night through the remote-controlled robots. The robots are fitted with lights and a camera and are connected to a website where users will be able to view the art work displayed at the gallery.

Users will be able to steer the robots and direct them around the paintings and exhibits — enabling the users to view and appreciate the gallery’s collection without any obstruction.

The project was created by The Workers as their entry into the inaugural IK Prize, a Tate-sponsored competition for digitally innovative projects that can “enhance public enjoyment of art.”


Tate Britain

Source, Images: The Telegraph, Wired

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