Skin-Covered Whiskey Bottles Given Tattoo Labels [Pics]

Skin-Covered Whiskey Bottles Given Tattoo Labels [Pics]
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The owner of French tattoo room Le Sphinx inked 25 limited edition bottles of J&B Rare scotch blend whiskey.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 february 2014

To celebrate the origin of J&B Rare scotch blend whiskey, the brand decided to tattoo 25 limited edition bottles. After covering them with a latex skin, which was slim enough to fit to the bottle shape but strong enough to withstand the tattooer’s needles, they colored it like human skin “to strengthen the tattoo perception and create something intriguing.”

Whisky Bottles Receive Tattoo Designs Just Like Human Skin [Pics]

Sébastien Mathieu, the owner of private tattoo room Le Sphinx in Paris was asked if he’d like to get involved, and it took him around 20 hours to tattoo each bottle. The 25 bottles are tattooed from a single design but intrinsically, each is unique.

They will be available for sale in Paris at Publicis Drugstore and at L’éclaireur rue Herold. The limited editions are presented in a rough black silkscreened wooden box. Click through to see images of the tattooed bottle designs:

J&B tattooed bottles

Images: Behance


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