Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week

Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week
Design & Architecture

A wild production car from Citroën, chemistry lab inspired lighting and an exhibition tour of MELT; fashion fabricated from 3d software.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 7 february 2014

PSFK highlights the important design stories of the week. Get caught up and discover what’s new in product, retail, automotive and architectural design.


Citroën C4 Cactus Production Model Keeps It Weird And Bumpy [Video]
One of the most authentic translations from concept car to production car ever, quirky features included. The C4 Cactus is also impressive for how little it weighs.



Honda Unveils Vision XS-1 Crossover Concept In New Delhi
Styling eye candy from Honda which likely won’t make it to production.



Silver Arrow Of The Seas By Mercedes-Benz: Surfboard With Built-In Telemetry
Mercedes sponsored surfer Garrett Mcnamara can analyze his wave riding via data collected from his board.



quattro by Designliga
Audi’s ski resort restaurant which compliments the quattro bar.



The Living’s ‘Hy-Fi,’ a Nearly-Carbon-Neutral Bio-Brick Structure, Selected for MoMA PS1’s 2014 Young Architects Program
An ambitious 100% organic structure is set to be constructed for MoMA’s long running summer event series.



Lamps Inspired by Instruments From A Chemistry Lab
Breaking Bad meets home decor.



Nadia Furniture Collection By Jin Kuramoto For Matsuso-T
A furniture collection which modernizes kumiki, a traditional Japanese ship-making technique.



Intertime – Smart 1424
An impressive sofa for small spaces which uses ingenious cushion modularity to offer a range of seating configurations.


Spotlight: ‘MELT’ by T/Shirt Issue


PSFK attended the opening for ‘MELT’ by The T/Shirt Issue which features 4 digitally created sweatshirts melting onto the floor created by Hande Akcayli and Murat Kocyigit of Mashallah. The series evolved from a 3d scan of Akcayli, who was digitally fitted with a sweatshirt. Using 3d animation software, the sweatshirt was  deconstructed into polygons and the shapes were altered to produce the melting forms. The polygon components were outputted as a pattern and hand sewn together to produce the final garment sculpture.

The series looks at an alternative way to use technology in the design and creation of fashion. The traditional approach has been to use flat 2d patterns which are wrapped or draped. Mashallah wanted to explore the design potential of 3d clothes being modeled onto the body.

MELT by The T/Shirt Issue
Feb 6 – 26, 2014
Gallery R’Pure
3 East 19th Street, NYC
Mon-Fri 10:30am-5:30pm










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