Translucent Artifact Block Is A Museum For Your Desk [Pics]

Translucent Artifact Block Is A Museum For Your Desk [Pics]
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Kickstarter project displays 33 rare specimens, some over 4 billion years old.

Serena Chu
  • 24 february 2014

It’s not hard to lose yourself in the many worldly exhibits of a museum, but what if you can possess this vast source of information in the palm of your hands or in the back of your pocket? For the past 35 years designer Hans Fex has been collecting rare specimens from various disciplines, only to break them down and embed them into a transparent resin block suitable for tabletop display.

The Mini Museum project features 33 downsized specimens, ranging from dinosaur dung to a piece of the Apollo 11 command module. These historically significant objects were collected based on the suggestions of specialists recommended by museum curators, research scientists and university historians.


Perfect as an educational tool or a conversation starter, the Mini Museum is individually numbered and handcrafted to perfection. With only a limited number available for purchase, it is no wonder that this Kickstarter project has attracted over a thousand backers, crushing its original pledge goal with 24 days to go. If you are curious, or would like to add this memorable piece to your collection, find your way to its Kickstarter page and make a pledge.

Find out what Fex has to say about his pocket-sized museum below.

Mini Museum

Source: Kickstarter, Colossal

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