Tumblr’s New Privacy Policy Swaps Legal Jargon With Sassy Rules For Use [Pics]

Tumblr’s New Privacy Policy Swaps Legal Jargon With Sassy Rules For Use [Pics]

The microblogging platform's updated documents include funny statements that will hopefully make them easier to read.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 february 2014

Microblogging platform Tumblr has just released their updated Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines, and the new documents do away with the typical legal jargon and explain the rules and guidelines in a language that is easier for users to understand.

The updated documents are sprinkled with amusing statements and just some downright funny rules.

For example, Tumblr tells those who are under 13 years old that “If you’re younger than 13, don’t use Tumblr. Ask your parents for a Playstation, or try books.”


When it comes to location data, the Privacy Policy jokes that “Tumblr may determine your location by using drone technology and live video feeds. Ha, ha, no.”

There’s also a rule against pretending to be Benedict Cumberbatch.


Scroll through more images of the new policies in the gallery below.



Source: Business Insider, Buzzfeed

Images: Tumblr


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