Romantic evenings with sunset beach walks and gourmet dinners can be bought for $285,000 a night.

Luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels is renowned for finding some of the most ‘quirky, lavish, one-of-a-kind places to stay,’ and their latest offering certainly fits the bill.

The UK-based team are inviting couples to book a night on “Lovers Deep,” a luxury submarine featuring perks like a two-person shower, an on-hand butler and an aphrodisiac menu serving up dishes such as oysters, caviar and oozing chocolate fondants.

This bountiful experience offers a private, romantic evening under the sea, giving the couple the ability to join the “Mile Low Club.” The lucky attendants can customise their whole package for a truly unique experience, which also includes a sunset walk along the beach and an extravagant dinner of your choice on a private beach close by.

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