UNICEF Turns Device Detoxes Into Clean Water For Children

UNICEF Turns Device Detoxes Into Clean Water For Children

UNICEFs Tap Project will donate money to needy children for every minutes users stay off their phones.

Daniela Walker
  • 20 february 2014

Now in its 8th year, the UNICEF Tap Project seeks to bring clean water to the 768 million people around the globe who go without it. For this year’s campaign, UNICEF is encouraging people to disconnect from their smartphones, a luxury in the guise of a necessity, to provide people what they really need: clean drinking water.

For every 10 minutes that a person does not touch their phone, UNICEF partners will donate one day of water to children in need. All users need to do is access on their smartphone, and when they are ready, set their phones down – the site detects whether the device is moving or is steady to see if it is being used – and then a ticking clock begins.

Asking people to submit to a digital detox is a way to bring to attention to both the first world addiction to smart phones as well as the fact that so many others in the world are want for much more basic needs. Beyond keeping you away from your phone, the site also encourages donations – with as little as $1 providing 40 days of clean drinking water for a child.

While the UNICEF Tap Project is ongoing – it has provided clean water to 2.1 billion people since 1990 – the digital detox campaign will run until February 28th.

And in case you’re wondering, during the writing of this article, PSFK provide enough funding for a few days of clean water, and the clock is still ticking.

UNICEF Tap Project

Source/Image: UNICEF USA

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