Vanishing Message App Keeps Sensitive Emails Off-The-Record

Vanishing Message App Keeps Sensitive Emails Off-The-Record

An off-the-record service that guarantees professionals peace of mind.

Serena Chu
  • 5 february 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to keep certain business transactions a secret, Confide is a new app that will let you exchange sensitive messages without leaving a permanent trace on paper or on the internet. Developed by John Brod and Howard Lerman, this Snapchat-like app is meant for professionals who need to contact others about key matters of concern, but are afraid of getting caught by HR or the legal department. IN addition, it could be used by journalists trying to get key info from anonymous sources.

Similar to the way certain apps delete content once its been seen, Confide ensures users that sent messages cannot be retrieved later. Instead of requiring people to preinstall the app on their phones before receiving messages, Confide connects potential users through their email addresses, only alerting them when private messages are received.

To protect against unwanted screenshots of the message, Confide only reveals a fews words at a time, blocking out the rest of the text until the recipient’s finger glides across the screen. Should the recipient manages to capture a screenshot of the message, the app will notify the sender immediately.

Free to download, Confide could present an online way to talk off-the-record. Though the app only available to iPhone users, it is only a matter of time before end-to-end encrypted apps find their way onto Android devices.


Source: Gigaom


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