College Students Hack Google Glass So Wearers Can Pay Seamlessly With Venmo [Video]

College Students Hack Google Glass So Wearers Can Pay Seamlessly With Venmo [Video]

A new look at Glass and how it can provide contextual information at an intimate level.

Serena Chu
  • 21 february 2014

Google Glass has revolutionized how people interact with the world around them, but is still missing the ability to interact with the wearer’s geographic location. Enter eyeBeacon, a creation conceptualized and developed at the recent PennApps college hackathon. Powered by Rasberry Pi, this Google Glass hack offers a hyperlocal augmented reality experience and a digital payments option via Venmo so that both locals and tourists can enjoy new locations around the world easily and seamlessly.

Thanks to Bluetooth beacons that can be installed in noteworthy areas, eyeBeacon can provide relevant information about nearby landmarks. This useful tool that could benefit locations that require contextual information at an intimate level, such as museums and campuses. It can also provide some much needed local history, directions, hours, and more to its wearer.

eyebeacon 2

Another feature of this app is the ability to use Venmo to digitally purchase real-life goods. First, a Bluetooth beacon must be set up to categorize and purchase the item, and have Venmo link directly to the service for payment purposes. Then, the wearer stands in front of the product, selects “Purchase” on their Glass, and picks up the desired item at the designated location once the transaction is confirmed. It’s as simple as seeing what you want and buying it in less than a minute.

The video below offers a glimpse of eyeBeacon’s many features, from indicating the estimated time of arrival to purchasing a can of Coke to even providing a little bit of history, all with its accompanying app. As eyeBeacon provides people a different way to view the world, it also creates a seamless experience with Glass.



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