Virgin Staff Uses Google Glass To Offer Personalized Service To Passengers

Virgin Staff Uses Google Glass To Offer Personalized Service To Passengers

Equipped with the wearable technology, Virgin Atlantic can now address all passengers by name and know their meal preferences

Victoria Young
  • 18 february 2014

Always pushing the boundaries of experience design, Virgin Airlines is experimenting with having its Virgin Atlantic concierge staff in the Upper Class lounge at London Heathrow wear Google Glass to provide a hyper personalized experience to all customers. Google Glass will enable the staff to immediately be able to identify a customer by name as well as see their flight details and preferences in food and drink. This experiment was created in response to findings in a Virgin Airlines survey that stated over half of travelers worldwide think flying is less glamorous or exciting than it was in the past.

Introducing the still relatively new Google Glass not only creates an air of exclusivity necessary for luxury experiences, but also empowers the staff with valuable customer information to provide a level of service that can set Virgin Atlantic apart. Furthermore, while Google Glass has endured criticism of its overly geeky design, the wearable fits in well with the carefully crafted ensembles of the Virgin Atlantic staff.

google-glass-virgin-atlantic-PSFK copy

This trial will last six weeks and allow the Virgin Atlantic staff to guide Upper Class passengers through the check-in process, provide updates about their flight as well as answer any questions about their destination, from local weather to translating information that is in another language. Should customers respond positively, Virgin Atlantic may consider wider roll-out, leveraging Google Glass to keep its staff notified of dietary requirements and other personal preferences of their top passengers.



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