Aquardio is a live fish tank with an online portal that allows users to take a break and feed the fish, or simply observe and de-stress.

Aquardio is an online platform that allows bored or stressed workers an escape from their desk by feeding real fish, remotely. Users simply sign in and enter a queue to release the food, which is made possible by an Arduino Uno board and an automatic feeder. Besides watching the fish and releasing the food, the website also allows users to release bubbles in the tank and listen to relaxing music. The view of the tank can also be changed, thanks to the use of three live feed cameras.

Developed by Greek digital agency Mindworks Innovation Lab, Aquardio provides users with an easy way to relax for a few minutes, and keeps the fish in the tank happy and well fed. The agency claims it to be the first interactive aquarium in the ‘fishtory’. Check out more details in the clip below and feed the fish yourself at Aquardio.

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