Visual Idea-Sharing Platform Connects People With Mutual Passions

Visual Idea-Sharing Platform Connects People With Mutual Passions

Ideapod is an online interface that helps people discover world-changing innovations and engage in global issues.

  • 21 february 2014

While social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are ideal for connecting with friends, sharing day-to-day experiences, and commenting on visuals, there’s not a lot of room for expressing opinions and debating ideas. For the Internet user in search of a good discussion, there are few options outside of topic-specific message boards and forums. Soon, these online thinkers could find a new place to express their views.

Ideapod is a new online platform for sharing and debating important ideas and topics, ranging from climate change to your first kiss. The interface, set up much like Pinterest, showcases a board filled with images and video, and each post offers 1,000 characters for users to express their opinions. Each post is also tagged, so that other users can easily find content about the things that matter to them. Ideapod will also be hosting

One on One, an online video series dedicated to discussing ideas that
address the common challenges of the 21st century.


Ideapod is dedicated to trying to elevate real discussion and inspiration for positive change on the Internet. The current network consists of 100+ influential thought leaders and 150+ leading partners, including the United Nations, New York Stock Exchange and YMCA to get the discussions started. Co-founder Mark Bakacs elaborated on the site’s central goal:

Though the internet is brimming with ideas that could provide solutions, these ideas often get lost in the noise of the web. Our aim is that Ideapod becomes a home for those ideas which are transformative and turn these challenges into our greatest opportunities and lead to meaningful change.

The site launches its invite-only beta today, allowing select users to join in on the fun before the platform is open for all those who surf the web. Whether this site will encourage insightful conversation or spiral into an online shouting match like on many forums is something only time will tell.



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