Pin Instrument Turns Visual Patterns Into Music [Video]

Pin Instrument Turns Visual Patterns Into Music [Video]
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The Theometrica is able to express geometric patterns into sound with pins, a spinning disc, and a motion sensor.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 20 february 2014

Music is universal, in that nearly all cultures around the world create and use music to express their joy or hardship. But what about music representing physical and geometric patterns, like those made in various artworks? That is the question that inspired artists Oscar Palou & Alexander Müller-Rakow to create Theometrica, a way of creating music from physical designs.

Inspired by the Chinese practice of acupuncture, the circular spinning disk is set up with several pins in a specific formation. Once the disk begins moving, a motion sensor picks up on the pins that pass through it’s laser and triggers different sounds. Each song is different, altered by even the slightest rearranging of the pins.


The duo got the idea to use specific geometric patterns for the piece by looking at different artistic patterns throughout history. They saw the harmony of the images and worked to create a way to express them as sound.

The piece was briefly exhibited in Berlin at the Designtransfer gallery. Since the piece is still only a prototype, Palou and Müller-Rakow will continue to work on the project until it is ready for a live performance.


Sources, Images: Wired UK, Creative Applications Network 


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