Smart Wall Plug-In Manages Home Energy Use With Visual Reports [Pics]

Smart Wall Plug-In Manages Home Energy Use With Visual Reports [Pics]

Parce monitors energy usage and controls lights and home appliances from a smartphone.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 february 2014

Currently on Indiegogo, the Parce One is a smart outlet plug that can measure, monitor, and control the energy usage of the owner’s devices and home appliances from their smartphone.

The device connects wirelessly to the Parce Cloud, which lets homeowners see how they can save energy and money through visual analytic reports.

Parce includes an autocontrol feature that detects when devices are on standby and automatically saves energy when they are. It also allows owners to configure and customize the settings for the system to manage it automatically, and also control or monitor their account on the go. The Parce device becomes “smarter” the longer it is used and picks up on the owner’s energy consumption habits.


The Indiegogo campaign has already raised just a little over half its target. Supporters can purchase a Parce One for $69. The campaign ends March 10th.

The smart wall plug is the first product of Parce, an intelligent energy-saving program created by software engineer Florian Burchett, interaction designer Eugen Pflüger, and designer Christian Remiger.



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