Infinite Desk Keeps Office Employees In Constant Communication [Video]

Infinite Desk Keeps Office Employees In Constant Communication [Video]

The Barbarian Group's new office features a wave-like table that serves as a work area for all the company's employees.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 february 2014

Creative agency The Barbarian Group hired architect Clive Wilkinson to redesign their office in New York City. At the center of the new design is a 1,100-foot long continuous desk that runs through and around the company’s 23,000 square-foot office.

The “superdesk” provides a work place for all 125 of the agency’s employees. The endless table also includes seven archways which create communal spaces that serve as meeting rooms and alcoves that people can use to take a break from being on their desks.



In an interview with The NY Times, Wilkinson revealed that he dreamt up the idea for the table from an earlier version he designed in 2004 for London advertising agency Mother.

The endless table is designed to create more cohesion in the workplace, encourage people to connect with each other more efficiently in the workplace, and to help keep those good ideas flowing.

Take a quick tour around the Barbarian Group’s new office in the video below.

And check out our interview with Barbarian Group co-founder Benjamin Palmer about what creativity means to him, and how he stays inspired.

Barbarian Group

Source: The NY Times

Images: Barbarian Group

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