Design Proposal Creates A Wikipedia That Is More Enjoyable To Read [Pics]

Design Proposal Creates A Wikipedia That Is More Enjoyable To Read [Pics]

Simple typography tweaks and layout changes that improve the online encyclopedia

Ross Brooks
  • 12 february 2014

Wikipedia is an online treasure chest of information that has a page for nearly every topic imaginable, but how well is all that information presented? According to the folks at 1910, not very well. Instead of just complaining about the fact the site’s typography is still stuck in the 90’s, the company decided to propose their own changes for both the web and mobile versions of the online encyclopedia.

Here are the biggest complaints from 1910; the text is too small, the lines are too long and the leading is too tight. Pictures are tiny and the general layout includes a lot of visual noise that distracts you from the actual reading.

The new and improved version features content that’s been pushed to the center, a bigger, and therefore more readable text size, as well as increased leading and bigger images. Grids were an important tool to ensure adequate white space, an easy to follow hierarchy, and the ability to adapt from desktop to tablet and mobile devices without the need for additional apps.


Even though many of the original Wikipedia’s elements were left unchanged, it goes to show that good design doesn’t have to complicated. As you can see for yourself, the new and improved version feels just like the online encyclopaedia we’ve come to love, but makes for a much better reading experience.

Images: 1910 Design & Communication


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