Scheduled to take off in 2018, Spike Aerospace has replaced the windows in its new supersonic private jet with high-definition video streaming screens.

When flying in an $80 million supersonic private jet, you would expect to have windows to look out and see the world whiz past you. That will not be the case with Spike Aerospace’s planned jet. It is set to take to the skies in 2018 with screens airing virtual skies instead of actual windows.

The decision to remove the windows came down to logistics – you can have a safer, more streamlined plane without them. According to Wired, windows are included to stave off feelings of claustrophobia but planes are stronger without them. To alleviate any feelings of being trapped in a box, Spike Aerospace is including wraparound screens, which will either display outside skies or can be changed to a range ambient images.

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