Wireless Buds Double As In-Ear Smartphone

Wireless Buds Double As In-Ear Smartphone
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The perfect pair of Bluetooth-operated headphones for athletes and active individuals.

Serena Chu
  • 12 february 2014

Untangling headphone cables is now a thing of the past, especially when Dash headphones will soon be out on the market. Perfect for athletes or people constantly on-the-go, The Dash is a pair of Bluetooth-operated ear buds that work with a connected smartphone or on their own via a built-in 4GB music player. These players fit snugly into the wearer’s ears, discretely hidden and completely wireless.

The Dash’s passive audio noise cancellation feature allows the wearer to experience crystal-clear sounds without any background inference thanks to the built-in ear bone microphone. Wearers can also turn off the feature in order to channel in ambient sound from their surroundings.

As an added bonus, these headphones double as a fitness tracker, monitoring the wearer’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, and energy-expenditure, with or without an attached smartphone.

Each bud has an on-device touch sensitive surface. The left bud manages activity monitoring, while the right one controls audio playback. Its ergonomic design provides optimal comfort, and weighs less than 13.8 grams.

The Dash is designed by Munich-based company Bragi, and has crushed its intended Kickstarter goal of $260,000. Though the early-bird package has already sold out, you can still purchase one of the few remaining pledge packages for $199. For their direct Kickstarter campaign, click here.

The Dash

Source: Techcrunch

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