Room Carved From Wood Reveals The Beauty Of Fast Food Design [Pics]

Room Carved From Wood Reveals The Beauty Of Fast Food Design [Pics]
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Designed by Roxy Paine, Carcass is a large-scale diorama of a fast food chain’s kitchen, carved entirely out of wood.

Daniela Walker
  • 10 february 2014

For his now finished solo show, Apparatus, at the Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago, artist Roxy Paine created large scale dioramas of environments that are normally brought to life by human interaction.

Carcass is the interiors of a fast food restaurant but without any of the traditional signifiers such as food, grease and signage, instead it is made entirely out of birch and maple wood. The soft serve machine, french fry tray and cash register all become wood still lives – lifeless without the bustle and color of a restaurant. Paine also made a wooden diorama of a control room. The Gallery explains his work:

Inspired by spaces and environments designed to be activated via human interaction, a fast-food restaurant and a control room, the dioramas present spaces and objects which are hand carved from birch and maple wood and formed from steel, encased and frozen in time, void of human presence, making their inherent function obsolete.

Click below to see Carcass:

Roxy Paine

Source/Images: This is Colossal 

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