Chrome Plug-In Erases All Words From The Internet

Chrome Plug-In Erases All Words From The Internet
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Text Free Browsing is part art project, part Chrome plug-in that turns off all of the text on any website.

Daniela Walker
  • 21 february 2014

Artists Rafaël Rozendaal and Jonas Lund have collaborated on a Chrome plug-in that wipes away all of the text from the internet.

Both Rozendaal and Lund experiment with media and technology, often using the internet as their canvas. The Text Free Browsing plug-in does exactly what it says on the tin, removing all text from websites, turning them into strikingly different places. It is interesting to see the difference between removing text from say The New York Times a text heavy site, versus Tumblr, where the difference is negligible.

The Text Free plugin allows users to focus on the design elements of popular platforms like Twitter or Facebook as well as consider how many words are actually floating around on world wide web.

See some text free sites below:

Rafaël Rozendaal // Jonas Lund




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